Road to ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 starts in South Africa

Road to ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 starts in South Africa


Pathway to ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

·       ICC World Cricket League Division 5 is the first global step to
India 2023

·       Eight teams represented from five regions

The road to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 starts next month, as the
global qualification phase launches at the ICC World Cricket League
Division 5 in South Africa.

The road to India 2023 sees fierce competition to progress up the ladder
with eight teams representing five regions. Cayman Islands, Germany,
Ghana, Guernsey, Jersey, Italy, Qatar and Vanuatu will all take part in
the six day competition hosted in Benoni, South Africa.

27 Associate Members battled it out in the 2017 regional qualifiers with
one team from each region qualifying to Division 5. Two teams from the
tournament will qualify for Division 4 to be played in mid-2018 and five
teams will be relegated to the regional divisions.

Teams have plenty to play for and it provides them with an opportunity for
hard-fought competitive cricket in the 50-over format. Group A comprises
of Italy, Guernsey, Cayman Islands and Qatar. While Jersey, Vanuatu, Ghana
and Germany will be fighting to secure the top two spots of group B. The
top spots from each group will play in the semi-finals, and the bottom two
sides will compete for placings.

Guernsey captain James Nussbaumer: “The aim is to win the tournament and
get promoted, like any team taking part in the competition. We have solid
experience at World Cricket League events and will look to use that as an
extra edge. Playing for your country is always special, but the fact this
event launches the global pathway to the Cricket World Cup 2023, makes it
even more so.”

Cayman Islands captain Ramon Sealy: “This is a great opportunity to take
part in the tournament, we have worked very hard in preparation and we are
excited to test our abilities on the global stage. We were delighted to
have qualified from the Americas regional qualifier and we look forward to
doing ourselves and our country proud in South Africa.”

Italy captain Gayashan Munasinghe Ranga De Silva: “We have the experience
and skill to do well in this tournament. With some new talent in the team
and key players such as Peter Petricola returning.”

Qatar captain Inam Ul Haq Haq: “For us the past few months have been
great, we were very happy to qualify from the Asia regional event and will
look to take that form into this tournament. The team management are very
happy with the recent performances and confident going into the

Jersey captain Charles Perchard: “We are delighted to be playing at World
Cricket League Division 5, to be on a pathway to India 2023 is really
fantastic. We have participated at a Global World T20 Qualifier, if we
continue to do well through the divisions in the 50 over format the
opportunities available to us are very exciting, with competitive cricket
a big positive.”

Vanuatu captain Andrew Mansale: “This is a great event to be a part of and
we have all the islands of Vanuatu behind us, cheering us on and wanting
us to do well. We have been preparing hard for South Africa and are
confident of what will be hard-fought cricket against some talented

Germany captain Rishi Radhakrishnan Pillai: “This tournament provides us
with a real opportunity to continue our great run. Winning both Division 2
to Division 1 over the past two years at regional level, and now into
World Cricket League Division 5, the team is confident we can do well and
continue to move up.”

Cayman Islands:  Ramon Sealy (captain), Corey Cato, Alessandro Morris,
Gregory Smith, Yeron Sacha De Alwis – Seneviratne, Conroy Wright, Omar
Willis, Ricardo Roach, Jalon Linton, Ryan Bovell, Troy Taylor, Deno
McInnis, Darren Cato, Kevin Bazil

Germany: Rishi Pillai (captain), Amith Sarma, Ahmed Hamid Wardak, Janpreet
Singh, Daniel Weston, Brandon Ess, Sjid Liaqat, Aad Mohammad, Shahil
Momin, Mudassar Muhammad, Mian Eksan Latif, Harmanjot Singh, Rana Singh,
Vekatraman Ganesan

Ghana: Peter Ananya (captain), James Vifah, Issac Kofi Otuafo Aboagy,
Godfred Bakiweyem, Julius Horlali Mensah, Frank Baaleri, David Nii Ashong
Ankrah, Kofi Bagabena, Simon Ateak, Vincent Ateak, Samson Kwasi Awe Awiah,
Obed Harvey Agbomadzie, Moses Kofi Anafie, Michael Aboagye

Guernsey: James Nussbaumer (captain), Joshua Butler, Oliver Newey, David
Hooper, Matthew Stokes, Max Ellis, Jason Martin, Luke Le Tissier, Declan
Martel, Lee Ferbrache, Matthew Breban, Benjamin Fitchet, William
Fazakerley, Thomas Nightingale

Italy: Gayashan Ranga De Silva Munasinghe (captain), Hasnat Ahmed, Damian
Crowley, Bentota Baduge Joy Lenin Perera, Carl Sandri, Fida Hussain, Gian
Piero Sergio Meade, Manpreet Singh, Charanjeet Singh, Supun Tharanaga
Cooray Wanigarathna Manampeli Mahapatabadiralage, Muthunama Gonnage Shehan
Madupa Fernando, Peter Petricola, Rakibul Hasan, Crishan Jorge Priyantha
Fernando Kalugamage

Jersey: Charles Perchard (captain), Corey Bisson, Cornelis Bodenstein,
Harrison Carlyon, Jake Dunford, Luke Gallichan, Peter Gough, Anthony
Hawkins-Kay, Jonty Jenner, Ben Kynman, Robert McBey, Elliot Miles, Ben
Stevens, Nathaniel Watkins

Qatar: Inam Ul Haq Haq, Mohammed Rizlan Mohammed Iqbar, Muhammad Awais
Malik, Faisal Javed Khan, Iqbal Hussain Chaudhry, Dharmang Hasmukh Patel,
Qalandar Khan, Muhammad Nadeem, Kamran Khan, Tamoor Sajjad, Zaheeruddeen
Ibrahim, Muhammad Tanveer, Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Khurram Shahzad

Vanuatu: Andrew Mansale (captain), Patrick Matautaava, Jelany Chilia,
Nalin Nipiko, Wolford Kalworai, Joshua Rasu, Trevor Langa, Ronald Tari,
Wesley Viraliliu, Williamsing Nalisa, Jamal Vira, Callum Blake, Zechariah
Kalo Shem, Kenny Tari

Match officials
Tournament Referee - Graeme Labrooy
Mentor Umpire - Adrian Holdstock
Umpire - Iftikhar Ali
Umpire - Ravi Angara
Umpire - Rockie D’Mello
Umpire - Alex Dowdalls
Umpire - Huub Jansen
Umpire - Heath Kearns
Umpire - David Odhiambo
Umpire - Isaac Oyieko
Umpire - Durga Nath Subedi
Umpire - Claude Thorburn
Umpire - Andrew Wynand Louw

3 September – Cayman Islands v Qatar, Sahara Main Oval; Italy v Guernsey,
Willowmoore A; Jersey v Vanuatu, Willowmoore B; Ghana v Germany
Willowmoore C
4 September – Jersey v Germany, Sahara Main Oval; Vanuatu v Ghana,
Willowmoore A; Guernsey v Cayman Island, Willowmoore B; Italy v Qatar,
Willowmoore C
5 September – Rest/Reserve day
6 September – Guernsey v Qatar, Sahara Main Oval; Italy v Cayman Islands,
Willowmoore A; Jersey v Ghana, Willowmoore B; Vanuatu v Germany,
Willowmoore C
7 September – A3 v B4, Sahara Main Oval, B3 v A4 Willowmoore A; A1 v B2
Willowmoore B; B1 v A2 Willowmoore C
8 September – Rest/Reserve Day
9 September – Final (Winner A1 v B2 V Winner B1 v A2), Sahara Main Oval;
3rd place v 4th place (Loser A1 v B2 V Loser B1 v A2) Willowmoore A; 5th
place v 6th place (Winner A3 v B4 V Winner A4 v B3) Willowmoore B; 7th
place v 8th place (Loser A3 v B4 V Loser A4 v B3) Willowmoore C

Group A – Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Italy, Qatar
Group B – Ghana, Germany, Jersey, Vanuatu,